To empower driven social work professionals seeking to advance their careers through an Advanced Standing MSW program, providing them with comprehensive knowledge, specialized tools, and abundant resources to excel in their roles as compassionate agents of change.

Who We Are

Welcome to AdvancedStandingMSW.com, your premier destination for comprehensive information and resources on pursuing an advanced standing Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Developed by seasoned professionals in social work, our website is dedicated to guiding and empowering individuals who aspire to elevate their social work careers to new heights. Whether you are a practicing social worker seeking accelerated career growth or an aspiring professional eager to make a meaningful impact, we provide valuable insights, educational materials, and resources tailored to the unique journey of pursuing an advanced-standing MSW degree. We are committed to supporting and equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary for success in rewarding social work roles. Please explore our site to embark on a transformative educational path that aligns with your passion for creating positive change in the world.


Aaron Pratt, MSW, LCSW

Aaron Pratt, MSW, LCSW Bio Pic

Aaron Pratt is an advanced-standing MSW graduate, seasoned social worker, and talented writer. A passionate social justice warrior, Aaron blends his extensive social work experience with his deep love of education to encourage the next generation of compassionate social work professionals. Born and raised in Michigan, Aaron and his wife are the proud parents of three children.

Valerie Ashwell, MSW, LCSW

Valerie Ashwell, MSW, LCSW Bio Pic

Valerie Ashwell, an advanced-standing MSW graduate, passionately advocates social work education. As a former associate college professor and current writer, she channels her expertise into empowering MSW students and guiding them toward excellence in the field. Valerie’s commitment to fostering the next generation of social workers reflects her dedication to advancing the impact and influence of the social work profession.

Lucas Berg

Lucas Berg Bio Pic

Lucas Berg is a dynamic advanced-standing MSW student and a skilled education writer. Currently immersed in his master’s program, Lucas combines his academic pursuits with a passion for communicating insights about social work education. With a keen focus on bridging theory and practice, Lucas contributes valuable perspectives to the field, aspiring to inspire and inform future social work professionals.


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